About Secondhand Seminary

Secondhand Seminary exists to help all Christians gain biblical and theological equipping, for the growth of individuals and the health of the body of Christ. 

We live in an age where information and resources are more accessible than any other time in human history. Google can bring content to your computer screen with the click of a button, and Amazon can bring books to your doorstep overnight. For Christians, the opportunities to learn and grow are abounding. Helpful and doctrinally-sound books, blogs, and podcasts are released daily, and access is at our fingertips.

Yet, with all these resources, the church is biblically and theologically famished. Scores of Christians feel little confidence in their understanding of the Bible and their ability to articulate its basic truths. Many of us are fearful of worldviews that deny the validity of our faith, but feel ill-equipped to offer a ready defense. We are immersed in a sea of resources, but often feel like we’re drowning because we don’t know what’s out there, who is right, or where to begin. We leave theology and biblical interpretation entirely to trained “professionals,” oftentimes unable to discern when we’re being led astray.

My time in seminary has taught me one over-arching lesson: “every Christian could benefit from this.” While dedicated training at theological institutions is priceless for pastors, the church is done a disservice when only the pastors are taught how to study. For this reason, this website will be dedicated to getting helpful biblical/theological resources out of the institution and into the hands of the everyday Christian.

Why? Understanding the Bible isn’t only for the professionals: it’s for you, too.